1. My husband and I recently discovered your honey, and we are just crazy about it! Thank you for producing such a wonderful tasting variety, and for keeping healthy bees. We use different honeys daily in our tea. My personal favorite is Orange Blossom, but I really do love them all. So happy we found you! Keep those bees busy, and we will keep coming back for more. And all your products make awesome Christmas gifts. I know where I will be shopping this year! Thanks again.

  2. I usually dont like honey,but then i usually have tasted clover honey and non local. I bought your wildflower honey and i am just crazy about it. I have been trying to hunt down a local company to buy local honey for my fiancee. He has very bad allergies to anything outdoors. I heard that local honey can help with allergies.
    I only wish that you had more locations then downtown cincinnati.

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