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A treat for dry chapped lips, Bee Haven lip balms are a little massage for your lips. Made with beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, and wonderful flavorings!

Our current flavors are: plain, honey vanilla, peppermint, coconut and our latest…mint julep.

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Plain, Honey Vanilla, Peppermint, Coconut, Mint Julep

20 reviews for Lip Balm

  1. Clay Wilson

    Literally the best chapstick ever

  2. Tosha

    The best for the lips absolutely amazing product I received the plain lip balm from a parent when I was working in a childcare center a few years ago, I love it and definitely will be purchasing more I also was given the hand stuff to.

  3. Alice Fisher

    Love the lip balms. Have given them as gifts and everyone can’t get enough. Please make the bubblegum again! Now trying the salves.

  4. Elizabeth McDermott (verified owner)

    My boyfriend bought me some last summer, and it’s now the only chapstick I’ll use! It’s also great that the formula is simple, with familiar ingredients and no weird chemicals. It works better than all the drugstore brands I’ve tried. Thank you! 🙂

    • Sam Gordon

      Thanks for the positive feedback!!

  5. Ashley (verified owner)

    By far the best lip balm I’ve ever tried! Does the job extremely well, and quickly, too! What happened to the blueberry flavor? I loved it!

    • Sam Gordon

      Blueberry finally has it’s own label so it will be on the website soon!

  6. Pedro Salinas-Ruiz

    I bought a few of these something like three or four years ago while visiting my wife’s (then girlfriend) parents in Ohio. I finally ran out so I’m ordering more. Best lip balm I’ve ever used.

  7. Sarah

    This is one of the best lip balms I have ever used and I’m a lip balmaholic. Definitely superior to Burst Bees in terms of lasting hydration on the lips. Very hydrating and long-lasting moisture. Love all of their flavors! My favorite is the bubblegum. Amazing price for an all-natural product too!

  8. Kaitlin

    Love these chapsticks! I was visiting Cincinnati a few months back and bought a few different kinds. The blueberry was my favorite, I hope it comes back in stock!

  9. Lee Pooh (verified owner)

    I live in Atlanta, Ga & received the hand salve and lip balm from a friend in Cincy. I’m hooked on these GREAT products, and now order them online.

    • Sam Gordon

      I’m so glad you like them!

  10. Kiera

    Best chapstick ever. I used all of the bubblegum and hope that you soon carry more! Very soft on the lips and the tube is a good shape to fit in small purses and pockets. What about a cotton candy flavor?

    • Sam Gordon

      I’ll make more Bubblegum this week and look into cotton candy flavor! Good idea!

  11. Lani

    This is the BEST chapstick ever! My grandparents bought this chapstick from the flea market and it was the best purchase ever!

  12. astrid.arleen642 (verified owner)

    YES YES YES! I ordered 4 chapsticks: 2 Honey Vanilla, 1 Coconut, and 1 Peppermint. A little goes such a LONG way. I only have to swipe my bottom lip and thats enough for the whole mouth! Lol No stickiness whatsoever and it doesn’t dry up leaving your lips parched. I call it “Princess Lipstick” for my girls. And they stand perfectly still while mommy applies it.

    • Sam Gordon

      That’s so funny! I love that you call it “princess lipstick”


  13. Elizabeth Loehmann

    LOVE IT!!! I recently visited Findley Market and bought 3 of these for myself and my daughter. We both love them. My daughter lost her root beer flavored one and is devastated. Hope to see this flavor back soon so I can get her another one.

    • Sam Gordon

      I’m glad you had a good experience at Findlay Market. The rot Beer lip balm seems to have a following . I’ll try to keep it in stock!

      Thanks, Sam

  14. Sarah

    Just ran out of my Acai scented lip balm – it was AMAZING and I had it FOREVER! I can’t believe how long it lasted for me, and I’m a chapstick addict! I will definitely be trying different scents in the future, but I hope you restock this one soon!

    • Sam Gordon

      Just made some more. Glad you like it.

      Thanks, Sam

  15. Lindsey

    I love this chapstick. I purchased the coconut flavor at Findlay market. I love that the ingredients are all natural and it is a locally sourced product. Besides daily use, I like to slather it on at night as an overnight lip treatment.

    • Sam Gordon

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m so glad you like it!


  16. solana

    This is my favorite Chapstick!! buying more now for the winter time.

  17. Libby

    I love this lip balm! Coconut is doing wonders for me, but I’d love to see lavender in the future.

  18. Amy

    I always have extremely chapped lips and have tried several different chap sticks, even prescriptions! This is the best out there. Seriously. Wow. In love. Never the same.

  19. Andrea

    I absolutely love this. I tried the flavor Bubblegum and used all up. Hopefully they they re-stock soon at Findlay Market. Amazing for chapped lips.

  20. Lynnette

    This is the best lip balm. Goes on smooth, not greasy. I love the mint julep, acai and margarita flavors. Lasts for a long time (about a year, applying once or twice a day). I have my whole family hooked on these!

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